Men’s Ministry 


Men’s Ministry Mission (Goal): 

To help all men better understand who God created them to be and to train and equip them to do what God has called them to do, as image bearers of Christ (“Tender Warriors”) and mature disciples because time is short and men of God need to:





And Overcome.   

Areas of men’s ministry focus include: Bible Study, Prayer, Bands of Brothers, Fellowship, Outreach and Service. 


                            “The Lord is with you O mighty men of valor.”  Judges 6:12




Wake-up – to the need to develop and sustain a close, personal relationship with God, and the need to better understand what is going on in the world and in the spiritual realm — developing a “Biblical Worldview.”  Also, seeing the critical need for having a few ‘battle buddies’ around every man (“band of brothers” of men of God).  


Step-up” and “Speak-up” – being a diligent and obedient servant, student, follower of Jesus, an ‘action figure’ — a doer not just a hearer;  developing a good understanding of his gifts/talents and beginning to use them regularly in serving the church/ministry;  also, steadily becoming a bold witness for Christ & a prayer warrior with evidence of love-based good works and fruit of the Holy Spirit. 


Grow-up” and “Overcome – moving forward and maturing through:  Bible study, meditation, prayer, staying close to God, journaling, church attendance, witnessing more, being discipled/mentored, building strong relationships with his family (as spiritual leader) and Christian men.  Also, by becoming a man of love, valor, truth, self-control & integrity – increasingly Christ-like —  a man who daily strives to overcome sin, Satan, death and the world; a man who stands in the gap for others & serves as a vessel of righteousness;  a man who disciples/mentors other men to do the same;  a man who firmly rests in Christ’s completed works & is increasingly becoming “dangerous for good.”