Biblical Counseling

Have you ever had a knot in a string or rope that you just couldn’t untie?

No matter how hard you tried, pull or pick at it as you may, it just got tighter or more frustrating.

Life can be like that.  It seldom goes the way we planned.  Knots and strongholds that lead to depression and pain, often keep us from a right relationship with our Lord.  We at New Life are committed to the quality of your relationship with Jesus Christ in our Biblical Counseling and Christian Discipleship Ministry here and in our community.

Helping real people with real problems grow in Christ using the Bible.

Rarely does change happen in isolation.  We have trained counselors who are willing to listen to your stories, then come along side of you, praying and offering the healing power of the Word to help you just take one more step at a time toward real and lasting healing.  Nobody is beyond rescuing!

We have counselors who are able to speak to men, women, young people, family counseling as well as marriage counseling.

Our counseling ministry comes at no cost ever.

Anger, depression, lack of forgiveness, lack of repentance and others, all should be brought to the throne of God.

I knew an old minister once who would stand in the baptismal pool, raise his hands full of water, and ask, “Here is water, what hinders you?”  I would say the same about Soul Care.

The Counseling Ministry is here for you.

For more information or questions, call 1-706-851-5959.  Or E-Mail Pastor Robert